10 Best Ukulele Brands & The Ukulele Buying Guide 2020

Ukuleles are fun to play and a great instrument to explore the different horizons of the music. For a long time, the ukulele has been an underestimated musical instrument. But recently, Ukulele is getting popular among the masses. Many rookie and expert musicians are having fun with it.

People are curious about ukuleles and they want to explore them in-depth. We keep receiving a lot of questions like:

  • Which is the best ukulele brand?
  • Which are the best ukulele brands for beginners?

So, we have decided to talk about the best ukulele brands that are providing you with a rich and endless musical experience through ukuleles.

Our Top 3 Ukulele Picks

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump straight into our top picks.

Best Of Best
Kala Learn to Play Ukulele
Best Designed
Luna Concert Tattoo Ukulele
Best Budget
Fender Grace VanderWaal Signature Ukulele
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10 Best Ukulele Brands in 2020

In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 best Ukulele brands in 2020 for you. Let’s start with our best ukulele pickup list.

1. Kala Ukulele – Best brand

Kala is known for producing musical instruments for the general public for more than a decade.

Kala Ukulele

Kala Ukulele

They specialize in producing ukuleles for beginners and intermediate level players. The Kala started its journey from one ukulele model and to date, the company has entertained thousands of customers.  

In a decade, Kala has produced high-end ukuleles along with hundreds of on budget models to provide endless music. The company is on the mission to provide rich music experience to everyone. To achieve this goal, Kala designs and produces unique, high-quality and affordable ukuleles. 

Due to their love and passion for ukuleles, Kala has made its place and considered one of the top brands in the ukuleles industry.

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What is bottom line?

Due to their love and passion for ukuleles, Kala has made its place and considered one of the top brands in the ukuleles industry.

2. Cordoba Ukulele – Runner up

Cordoba is known for producing very lightweight and responsive ukuleles.

Cordoba joined the guitar industry intending to transform traditional nylon guitar strings and design something new in 1997. 

Cordoba Ukulele

Cordoba Ukulele

The company successfully blended the modern methods and traditional craftsmanship and as a result, we got Cordoba guitars

Every ukulele with the tag of Cordoba gives life to the music and songs. The ukuleles produced by Cordoba are inspired by traditional Spanish music and the soulful sounds.  

In these three decades, Cordoba contributed a lot to the music industry through innovation but they did not leave their basics and origins. Due to this, many musicians and ukulele users prefer their instruments over other brands. 

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What is bottom line?

Cordoba is competing with other music companies through innovation and passion for contributing to the music industry.

3. Donner Ukulele

The goal of Donnar is to create new experiences for musicians and performers.

Donnar Ukulele

Donnar Ukulele

Donner was founded not long ago; it just started its operations in 2012. The brand is known for its wide range of instruments in the musical industry. When it comes to guitars, Donnar does not appoint musicians.  

In the process of creating new experiences, they have crafted high-quality instruments. By seeing their ukuleles range in the market and their reputation, we can say that the brand has achieved its goal.  

As compared to other brands, Donnar is very young but still, it designs and crafts ukuleles of very good quality.   


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What is bottom line?

The company has a great range of ukuleles for people who are on budget or musicians who are just starting their musical journey.

4. Lohanu Ukulele

Lohanu is a Canadian company famous for building the best quality ukuleles and high customer satisfaction rates.

Lohanu Ukulele

Lohanu Ukulele

 Not only this, but the brand has also got 97% of customers on Amazon who is loving their ukuleles with a lifetime warranty.  

Lohanu is derived from three words; Love, Ohana and Unity. Ohana is a Hawaiian word that means family. Lohanu strives to provide ukuleles through which you can enjoy the sound of love and unity of the family. The company produces the finest ukuleles with multiple accessories at a very affordable price range.

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What is bottom line?

Lohanu is the Number 1 seller of ukuleles on Amazon in Canada and the UK.

5. Luna Ukulele – Best designed

Luna, another favourite brand of many musicians, produces beautiful instruments for people of different ages.

Luna Ukulele

Luna Ukulele

Luna is here to entertain and provide an endless music experience for every musician out there. 

Yvonne, the co-founder of Luna guitars does not see the customers as just cash-paying machines. He believes that their customers will do something amazing with the instruments crafted by the company. This is the reason, the employees of Luna guitars are not mere craftsmen but the musicians and artists themselves. The artists do not only understand the music in-depth but feel the music too.  

Luna Guitars use high-quality resources for crafting instruments but the reason behind their success of instruments is the passion and dedication of musicians. The recipe for their success is all about diversity, dedication, passion and love for ukuleles.

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What is bottom line?

The founders of Luna Guitars hit the industry to create a paradise of musicians.

6. Martin Ukulele

If we talk about the pioneer of the guitar industry, Martin is the name that hits our mind. C.F. Martin & Co. has been creating magic for music lovers for nearly two centuries.

Martin Ukulele

Martin Ukulele

Musicians all over the globe are buying their guitars and ukuleles for unmatchable quality and tone. Throughout the history of Martin Strings, its instruments are played in concerts, pop music, theatre, TV shows and movies.

Martin has always focused on producing environment-friendly instruments following the best practices of the industry. Martin is not only one of the oldest musical companies but also the trendsetter for the industry.

The ukuleles with the tag of Martin are not only of high-quality but of higher price tags too. Martin ukuleles are best for musicians who are experts in ukulele and have a deep passion for it.

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What is bottom line?

They introduced innovation in their guitars and ukuleles and later those innovations became standards.

7. Sawtooth Ukulele

Sawtooth started their journey of crafting musical instruments to revolutionize musical experience. Either guitars or drums, Sawtooth is known for providing high-value instruments for decades.

Sawtooth Ukulele

Sawtooth Ukulele

Their struggle and experience translate into the best musical instruments and they are known as one of the top manufacturers of musical instruments.

The company aimed to produce such instruments that would help musicians to break the barriers and do something out of the box. This is the reason that at Sawtooth, you will find passionate music lovers who are challenging the world by breaking the stereotypes.

Sawtooth does not only craft magical drums and guitars but the company has also untapped the ukulele industry completely. They have created a wide range of ukuleles so that every ukulele can enjoy the sound of the ukulele in the style of Sawtooth. Want to buy a ukulele?

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What is bottom line?

Either you are on a budget or you are looking for expensive ukuleles, Sawtooth has crafted a ukulele for you.

8. Lanikai Ukulele

top 10 Best Ukulele brands

Lanikai Ukulele

Lanikai is associated with Hohner, the company known for producing folk instruments for musicians.  Lanikai feels pride and a great sense of passion for providing “real ukuleles for real musicians”.

We love Lanikai for the fact that she produces ukuleles for everyone. The company produces a diverse range of ukuleles like Kala. Lanikai ukuleles are considered one of the finest ukuleles in the industry. Either a musician is starting his musical journey or a pro ukulele player, Lanikai has covered all of them. Lanikai’s passion is music and you can hear this passion in your songs.

It shows that the company is not only passionate about ukuleles, but her passion is also bigger than this.

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What is bottom Line?

Lanikai has its own music label and jams with musicians to produce the finest music.

9. Ohana Ukulele

Top 10 best ukulele Brands in 2020

Ohana SK-21 Sopranino Ukulele

Our next brand on the list of best ukulele brands in 2020 is OhanaOhana started producing ukuleles to serve a small community of ukuleles since 2006. Ohana believes in providing a good sound and functional ukulele to ukulele enthusiasts, regardless of their skill level. Ohana is making high quality and best-sounding ukuleles using rich tonewoods.  

All ohana ukuleles are made in China instead of the USA. This is the reason that Ohana ukuleles come with such low-price tags. All ohana ukuleles are made in China. Ohana has partnered with Jeffery Thomas a famous ukulele instructor to teach ukulele lessons for free.

The core values of Ohana are Quality, Value and Playability for a musical instrument. The company strives to deliver these values through ukuleles. Ohana also believes in innovation and the company considers everything before introducing a new collection of ukuleles. 

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What is bottom line?

Ohana ukuleles are great for folks who are trying to sharpen their skills as they are well-crafted, sound well and easy to learn.


10. Fender Ukulele – Best Budget

Top 10 Best Ukulele Brands in 2020

Fender Grace Vander Waal Signature Ukulele-1

Last but not least, Fender is one of the top guitars brands. Fender is dominating the guitar industry with its epic and high-quality electric guitars.

Fender hit the ukulele market and transferred their brilliant guitar making experience of decades into the ukulele. Music enthusiasts can feel that brilliance and this is the reason that their ukes resemble guitars and are loved by all

If you judge the credibility of a ukue brand by checking out which musician is playing their ukuleles, then let us tell you that their biggest supporter was Ukulele Ray. If you are not a beginner in ukulele learning, then you must have an idea that endorsement of Ukulele Ray for Fender says a volume about the brand.  

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What is bottom line?

The ukuleles by Fender are not only cool in sound and tones because of the high-quality wood but they are cheaper too. You can rarely find a decent quality ukulele with 200 dollars in your pocket.


How to Choose Right Ukulele: The Complete Ukulele Buying Guide

You will find hundreds of brands selling different types of ukuleles made using different materials and sizes. Too many options and too many ukuleles you never know that confuse us and we find it difficult to make the right decision. Don’t worry. 

To facilitate you, we have created the ukulele buying guide for you. After reading this, you will be able to analyze what you need at the moment and what are you exactly looking for. Let’s explore what are the factors you need to consider before buying a ukulele. 

Ukulele Buying Guide

Ukulele Buying Guide 

The Ukulele Sizes

First of all, we are going to talk about the sizes of ukuleles. We have four types of ukuleles based on sizes and these ukuleles are

  • Soprano.
  • Concert.
  • Tenor Baritone.

a) Soprano

The Soprano is considered the smallest ukulele traditionally and its size is 51 cm or 20 inches. The Soprano is known for producing typical ukulele sound.

If we talk about the most common ukulele, then the soprano ukulele wins the title. Many music lovers love this ukulele and consider it as a perfect sized ukulele for them.

Another smaller version of soprano known as the sporanominiso is gaining fame among musicians and it comes with a size of 16 inches and 40 cm. But still, the soprano is considered the smallest ukulele in the industry.

b) Concert

The next ukulele we have is Concert and this ukulele is coming at the size of 23 inches. Handling the concert ukulele is easy as compared to soprano as it has a longer neck with more space between the frets and a bigger body. It is just like a soprano with fewer changes and produces a classical ukulele sound but louder than that of the soprano.


c) Tenor

The second-largest ukulele we have is tenor that comes at 26 inches, in other words, 66 cm. Tenor does not produce typical ukulele sound and it gives you a deeper sound experience.

You will feel that you are playing a classical guitar. The tenor ukulele is a favourite of many professional and famous ukulele artists like James Hill goes with a tenor sized ukulele.

d) Baritone

A Baritone is the largest ukulele you will find in the market. It comes at 36 inches (76 cm) with the deepest tones. It gives you the feel of a classical string guitar rather than a classical ukulele. If we talk about the least popular ukulele, then baritone wins the award. The reason for it being less popular is that it sounds more like a guitar than a ukulele.

Many players choose a ukulele because of its sound, size, portability, etc. It’s tuning is also different from other ukuleles. If you are looking for an instrument that lies in between a guitar and ukulele, you can consider baritone ukuleles.

Ukulele Woods

Now we are done with the sizes of ukulele, it’s time to explore the ukuleles based on their woods that are used in the construction. If you know a little bit about ukuleles, you must have an idea that different types of woods are used for ukuleles.

Some of the common woods used in the construction of ukuleles are mango, Koa, acacia, cedar, monkeypod, mahogany, etc. We will talk about the most commonly used woods in detail that are Koa, mahogany, and spruce.

a) Koa

Koa is the wood we get from Hawaii and the ukuleles coming from Hawaii are made using Koa. Koa wood is used because of its amazing properties such as warm sound, beautiful grains and amazingly plain. The ukuleles made from Koa are mostly expensive.

b) Mahogany

Mahogany is the wood type used for making intermediate ukuleles. You will find ukuleles made from solid mahogany more expensive. Mahogany wood is used for its unique properties such as softer sound than Koa. Mahogany is a great wood option and it does not break your bank too.

If we talk about the most common material used in ukuleles, then spruce is the answer and spruce is a preferred choice of many lower-end ukulele brands.

Difference between Solid & Laminated Ukuleles

Many people ask about the difference between solid and laminated ukuleles. Well, the names are self-defining.

i- Solid Ukulele

In a solid ukulele, good quality wood is used outside and inside. In other words, the same wood is used inside and outside of the ukulele.

ii- Laminated Ukulele

Laminated ukulele means that better quality wood is used outside as the layer and cheaper wood is used on the inside. Laminated ukuleles are cheaper for sure as compared to solid ukuleles. Laminated wood gives good style and feels to a ukulele though but it cannot compete for a solid ukulele in the sound and tones.

The Ukulele Brands

When we talk about brands, it is very difficult to nominate one brand as the best as the market is flooded with so many brands.

There are brands known for producing high-end ukuleles and there are famous for producing decent and less expensive brands. Some of the famous brands for ukuleles are Kala, Cordoba, Martin, Luna, Kaneila, and Pono.

Martin and Kaniela are known for producing high-end ukuleles for artists. Kala is a choice of many newbies and intermediate ukulele players as it has a broad collection of low end and high-end ukuleles. Kala is a good choice for beginners too.

Ukuleles: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best ukulele brand for a beginner? 

 Many brands are producing ukuleles for beginners. Some of the famous brands for producing beginner ukuleles are: 

  • Kala 
  • Lanikai
  • Donner 
  • Cordoba  

Is Donner a good ukulele brand? 

Yes, Donner is a good ukulele brand. Donner is famous for producing quality ukuleles with fair price tags. Donner ukuleles are great and do not break your bank. They offer great sound and beautiful tone. Due to these positive points, we have added Donner in our list of best ukulele brands.  

Is learning ukulele easier than the guitar? 

Yes, you have heard it right. Learning and playing the ukulele is easier than the guitar as the former has fewer strings. With consistent practice, you can learn ukulele within a week. Even people who want to learn guitar spend some time learning ukulele.  

How can I select a good ukulele? 

Selecting a good ukulele depends on the number of factors. The factors you should consider before buying a ukulele are: 

  • Your Budget. 
  • Your Skill level.
  • Size of the Ukulele. 
  • The Material of the ukulele.

You can check all these factors in detail in the guide section.  

Can I teach ukulele to myself? 

Yes, you can teach ukulele to yourself. For that, you can go to YouTube and find videos where instructors are guiding how to take start with your ukulele. You can also follow different blogs related to ukulele lessons 

Why should I get a ukulele? 

Yes, you should get a ukulele because there are plenty of reasons to get ukuleles. The ukuleles are cool and fun to play. Ukuleles are easier to learn, affordable and adaptable to many modern songs.  

What is the difference between concert and soprano ukuleles? 

The Soprano is the smallest and the most popular size ukulele. Soprano has 12 to 15 frets while the concert ukulele has 15 to 20 frets. The concert ukulele is larger and produces sounds on higher notes than the soprano ukulele.


Before buying a ukulele for you, it’s crucial to do decent research before because you are buying a ukulele to play for years. To buy any music instrument, we recommend that start your research from a local store if it is possible for you.

If you are a busy person and have no time to visit local stores, you can check reviews online and can ask for recommendations to related persons or online stores.

If you have made your mind of buying a ukulele for you, don’t go for cheaper starting kits. Invest your money in a decent ukulele like a ukulele costing you 50 to 100 dollars. As you will enjoy playing decent ukulele with easier controls.

We hope you have found this guide helpful. If you think that we have missed any important aspect of the ukulele buying guide, let us know in the comment section.

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