How To Decorate a Ukulele

Ukulele is not only an instrument of peace but can be a reflection of your personality too 

People can see your personality through your ukulele even you have not played the instrument.  

You might be thinking: How is it possible? 

Well, the answer is through the decoration of your Ukulele and today, we will share with you how you can decorate a ukulele. 

5 Ways to how to decorate a ukulele   

1. Stickers 

Ukulele stickers are a cool way of decorating your ukuleles. Personally, I love the stickers to decorate the ukulele and get what I want. I always felt that stickers give a neat and decent artistic touch to your instrument. But before using these ukulele stickers, you need to know some points because it can impact the tone of the ukulele if you don’t know how to do it right.  

Ukuleles are not randomly designed, the material, design, size, shape and tuning of an instrument decides the tone of the instrument. If you have got a high-quality ukulele, then keep in mind that the distinctive and optimal sound you are getting from your ukulele is a result of perfect balancing of its shape, sanding and size. 




Everything you are going to do with the ukulele in the name of decoration will affect the ukulele either for good or bad. The result of the change you will get is linked to the quality of your uke. If you got a new ukulele and you are going to use some stickers, then it will not make a big difference. But if you have got a ukulele a decade ago, it will definitely make a noticeable change.  

The sound we get depends upon how strings vibrate the soundboard present on the top surface of the ukulele. Placing stickers on the fretboard or the neck will cause no issue with the sound of the ukulele.  

There are many decent fretboard stickers sets available on Amazon to enhance your instrument without changing the sound. If you are going to show your inner artist on the sides of the uke, then it is pretty safer than using it on the back of the instrument. Well, if you want to put stickers on the soundboard, you are perfectly okay to go with it. 

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2. Use Paint Markers  

We recommend to don’t go crazy when it comes to decorating a ukulele. There are folks out there who go crazy to decorate their ukes and end up using different crazy stuff.  

I believe “ less is more” and you can add up your colours to your ukulele with doing less as well. As we told earlier, if you will go overboard, it will damage your ability to play the ukulele. If you have got a paint marker just like to write on boards it is more than enoughYou can take a paint marker and draw dots, stripes, write your name or simply put a quote there. 

3. Add Glitter using Glue  

Who does not love glitter? I love galaxy-themed ukuleles coming with glitters. If you don’t want to invest your time in decorating your uke, you can get pre-decorated uke as well 

You can find many ukuleles decorated with glitter in the market.  But if it is not the case, you can also put glitter on your ukulele.  

All you have to do is drop the glue and put the glitter on. And you are done with glittering your instrument of peace.   



4. Ukulele Straps 

If you don’t want to do any experiment or you may be fearing that you will end up damaging your ukulele. You might be thinking that your parents will be mad when they will find that you have damaged the ukulele in the process of decoration.  

Nothing to worry, you can simply go for ukulele straps. You will get a cool decorated ukulele without any damage to its body or the sound.  

Again, so many cool and colourful ukulele straps are available out there.  You can try multiple straps with different patterns such as floral and rainbow. You just have to put ukulele strap and can use it to hang it and carry it easily. You can also use ribbons.   

5. Painting Your Ukulele 

Painting your ukulele is another perfect way to decorate a ukulele. You can paint on your ukulele whatever you want.  Here are a few steps you can simply follow to paint your uke:

  • First of all, roughly plain that what do you want? Draw a rough image of your ukulele and you can draw your desired patterns and can choose colours of your choice.
  • It’s time to clean your uke. If you want to paint your entire uke, you have to remove tuning pegs and strings and place them in a safe place.
  • After cleaning your instrument, select a place where you can paint it and have a privilege to make a little mess.
  • Now start painting and show your talent and give your colours to your uke. You can refix your painting as many times as you want.
  • When you have got what you were looking for, now use the Mod Podge to give complete finishing.
  • You are done with painting your uke.

Paint Ukulele

Paint Ukulele


Here are important points to remember before decorating your Ukulele.  

  • You cannot undo the changes you made because it is not possible to put the wood back after craving or burning the wood.
  •  Stickers adhesive can be difficult to remove from wooden ukuleles. Oily adhesive removers work to an extent for painted ukuleles coming with a glossy surface, but they damage the ukulele sometimes.
  • For electric or acoustic ukuleles, the instructions and guidelines are almost the same. For electric ukulele with a solid body, you can try anything for decoration without changing its sound.

important points to remember before decorating your Ukulele.

important points to remember before decorating your Ukulele.

Final Words 

At the end of the day, it’s yoursUkulele. And you can decorate ukulele as you want or use materials that work for you. If you have a low-end ukulelethe decoration is not going to impact the sound of the instrument but for high-end ukuleles, a slight change cannot go unnoticeable. We would say that you can use these ukulele stickers on the ukulele cases. 

These were some ideas for decorating the ukuleles that we have shared with you.

Let us 
know how you decorate a ukuleles and what works best for you.

We will be back soon and share with you how you can get a customized ukulele for yourself.

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