How to Find the Best Cordoba Ukulele in 2020?

Which brand name hits your mind when we talk about high-quality stringed ukuleles?

Is it not Cordoba? Well, it is Cordoba. 

Cordoba has put his mark in the ukulele industry by manufacturing diverse and traditional ukuleles. Cordoba is famous for its nylon-stringed guitars, but the brand comes with many high-end authentic ukuleles.  

Top 10 Cordoba Ukuleles

To help you with finding the best Cordoba ukulele, we have reviewed top-rated ukuleles by Cordoba. Keep reading our Cordoba ukuleles reviews to find a perfect fit for your musical needs.

If you are looking for the best cheap ukulele from Cordoba, then the 15TM tenor ukulele is the way to go. The 15TM ukulele is one of the top-selling ukuleles of Cordoba.

Cordoba 15TM tenor Ukulele

Cordoba 15TM Tenor Ukulele

You might be wondering why it’s a huge success. Well, its reasonable price is not only a single factor behind its success. Let’s have a look at other factors. 

Cordoba has beautifully designed the ukulele using solid mahogany on the top, back, neck and sides. Its natural satin finish and wood rosette help it to stand out among the crowd.  

The feature we loved the most of this best budget ukulele is its lightweight. You can play your favourite songs with the ukulele anywhere as you can easily carry it anywhere. It just weighs 1.12 pounds and is a perfect choice for beginners too. 

Many pro musicians prefer this ukulele because of its sturdy design and fine tone. It is easy to use and gives a great feel to music enthusiasts. This ukulele by Cordoba provides top-notch sound quality beating many high-end ukuleles by top-brands such as Fender and Kala.

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  • Rich and High-quality sound.
  • Affordable ukulele. 
  • Great value for the price. 
  • Beautiful designed and lightweight. 


  • Fret installation is difficult.

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What is Bottom Line?

Overall, it’s a great mix of quality sound and beautiful design at an affordable price.

2. Protégé by Cordoba U100CM Concert Ukulele

Cordoba is famous for producing many high-end ukuleles mainly, but Cordoba caters to all musicians irrespective of their budget and skills. This is the reason you will find many high-end ukuleles as well as ukuleles for beginners from Cordoba.

Portege by Cordoba U100CM Concert Ukulele ( Amazon Exclusive)

Portege by Cordoba U100CM Concert Ukulele ( Amazon Exclusive)

If you are looking best concert ukulele under 100 by Cordoba, then you can consider the Protégé U100CM Concert Ukulele. It is one of the cheap but good-quality ukuleles which is great for enthusiasts starting their ukulele journey.  

For practising your favourite songs, this concert ukulele is a way to go without breaking your bank. The ukulele is designed to offer easy tuning and last long.  

The reason we added this ukulele in our list is its great functional capacity coming with ease of use and affordability.  

As it is designed for beginners, so it’s a light-weight ukulele just weighing 2 pounds. If you are playing it for the first time, you would face no problem in handling it.  

When it comes to construction, mahogany wood is used which is considered a top-notch quality material for ukuleles. It features satin finish and mother of pearl rosette making it a good choice.  

With this ukulele, you will also get a gig-bag for greater portability. Anything else one could ask for in this price range?


  • A Highly affordable concert ukulele.
  • Constructed using Mahogany.
  • Lightweight and easily portable.
  • Comes with gig-bag


  • Tuning of upper frets is not easy.

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What is Bottom Line?

Overall, this is a perfect concert ukulele under 100$ with decent features.

3. Cordoba 20CM Concert Ukulele

If you are searching for a high-build concert ukulele but you are on a budget, then the Cordoba 20CM could be a good choice.

Cordoba 20 CM Concert Ukulele

Cordoba 20 CM Concert Ukulele

The most promising and noticeable feature of this ukulele is its high build quality. If you have been into ukulele for a long time and used many ukuleles, then the moment you will hold this ukulele, you will realize that the build-quality you are getting with this ukulele is unmatchable. 

From body to its tuning gear, every aspect of this ukulele is wellconstructed and durableCordoba has used solid mahogany for building it. If you will not use the ukulele roughly, it will look brand new after the use of many years.  

It comes with Aquila Nylgut strings and you don’t need to replace unless you break them. The ukulele has 18 frets and offers high-quality and punchy ukulele sound. As its top is made from mahogany wood so it offers a way better sound and rich experience than other cheap ukuleles. 


  • High-quality build.
  • Aquila Nylgut strings.
  • Great value


  • Some customers reported issues with frets. 

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What is Bottom Line?

Overall, this ukulele offers great value against its price. If you are a beginner but you have no budget problem, then you can ignore beginner ukuleles and go for the Cordoba 20CM Concert Ukulele.

4. Cordoba Guitars 25C Concert Ukulele

The Cordoba Guitars 25C Concert ukulele is a perfect choice for musicians who are looking for authentic and traditional Hawaiian ukulele.

Cordoba Guitars 25C Concert Ukulele

Cordoba Guitars 25C Concert Ukulele

This concert ukulele hits the market in natural colour and matte finish. It is a favourite choice of many ukulele players because of its strong build quality and unmatchable tone.

If you have got a reasonable budget and searching for a durable ukulele, this ukulele can serve the purpose. With this ukulele, you will have rich and joyful experience. It features a rope weaving binding and warm tone to deliver high-quality sound.

Talking about weight, it is somewhere in the middle, neither too heavy nor too light. It weighs 5 pounds as high-quality wood acacia is used on the top, sides and back of the ukulele. Acacia is a native wood of Hawaii considered as a perfect tonewood.

It features Aquila nylgut strings, saddle of bone and net. Its top binding and matte finish make it a great choice for many ukulele enthusiasts. The ukulele is also available in tenor and soprano sizes. You have to buy its case separately.



  • Well designed and constructed.
  • Durable.
  • Original Hawaiian Uke.
  • Excellent tone and sound quality


  • No one.

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What is Bottom Line?

If you need a perfect and flawless Cordoba ukulele, go for Cordoba Guitars 25C Concert ukulele. You can guess its popularity from the fact that it has a 5-stars rating on Amazon.

5.Cordoba Protégé U1-M Concert Ukulele Natural

If you want a concert ukulele but a cheaper one, here we go. The Cordoba Protégé U1-M Concert is a simple ukulele that offers you a good quality sound and a decent look. It is well-build and featuring a strong structure made using good quality wood.

Cordoba Protege U1-M Concert Ukulele Natural

Cordoba Protege U1-M Concert Ukulele Natural

It is a durable option if you want good performance without creating a hole in your pocket. We say confidently that you won’t get such quality from other brands in this ukulele price range.  

What we liked the most is its natural wooden colour. It does not only look attractive but it also gives a great feel.  

It is a lightweight ukulele weighing just 1.75 poundsAs it is lightweight so you can easily carry the ukulele with you.  

When it comes to its construction, Cordoba has used a top-notch quality mahogany wood for building its back, top and sides.  

It features a natural satin finish and abalone style rosette making it a good option for you. It provides you with a strong tone and rich sound experience. 


  • Good Tone.
  • Durable.
  • Strong Build.


  • Frets are wide.

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What is Bottom Line?

Overall, it’s a perfect choice for rookies as this ukulele is well-structured, well-designed and affordable.

6. Cordoba 28T Hawaiian Koa Tenor Ukulele

If you want to excel in playing the ukulele and looking for the right ukulele, then you can consider this Cordoba Hawaiian tenor ukulele. The instrument is finished excellently and features a satin look with mesmerizing and cheerful Hawaiian sound. Being a member of the ukulele family, you must have an idea that Hawaiian Koa wood is the favourite of many players for its rich tone.

Cordoba 28T hawaiian koa tenor ukulele

Cordoba 28T Hawaiian koa tenor ukulele

This ukulele does not only have traditional tones but it comes with visual appeal. Cordoba has used striped patterns of dark and light brown colour to come up with a traditional ukulele.

If you are a lover of vintage and classical ukuleles, then explore the Cordoba 28T tenor. You can find Cordoba’s signature sound rosette hole that is inlaid perfectly and adds a beautiful touch to the ukulele with an exceptional finish.

If we compare Cordoba’s ukuleles to other brands, Cordoba is known for featuring a wider nut width and this ukulele is no exception. For ukulele players who look for wider feeling neck and more space on the fretboard, the Cordoba has got so many options for you.


  • Traditional Hawaiian Ukulele.
  • Excellent Finish.
  • Visually Appealing.
  • Extra space on the fretboard.
  • Great value for the price.


  • Not for beginners

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What is Bottom Line?

Overall, the Cordoba 28T has got all the goodness of classical Hawaiian Koa ukuleles and Cordoba ukuleles. We highly recommend this ukulele for traditional Hawaiian ukulele lovers looking for traditional instruments with a high-quality tone.

7. Cordoba 23T Tenor Ukulele

Ccordoba 23T Tenor Ukulele

Cordoba 23T Tenor Ukulele

Cordoba has come up with 23T Tenor ukulele for players who are into aesthetically pleasant ukuleles. The instrument is designed beautifully with attention to detail and reflects excellent craftsmanship. Its matte finish adds more charm to the instrument.

If we talk about construction quality, this tenor ukulele is a decent choice. Its top, sides, and back feature solid ovangkol. The neck has solid mahogany and the bridge and fingerboard are made using rosewood. The use of different woods provides durability and commendable sound. This Cordoba tenor also uses Nylgut strings which make it a better choice.

We will highly recommend this ukulele for beginners and learning players as it is very easy to play the ukulele and does not create a hole in your bank account.


  • Excellent craftsmanship.
  • Very affordable price.
  • A powerful and rich tone.
  • A durable and reliable tenor ukulele


  • Nil

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What is Bottom Line?

What we loved the most about this instrument is that it is light in weight and easy to handle and carry. A user-friendly ukulele offering easy tuning and nice playing experience worth your money and time. To enjoy a rich tone, have fun with this 23T Tenor ukulele.

8. Cordoba 20TM Tenor Ukulele

Cordoba 20TM-CE Mahogany Tenor Cutaway Ukulele

Cordoba 20TM-CE Mahogany Tenor Cutaway Ukulele

The Cordoba 20TM is a tenor-sized ukulele featuring mahogany top, back, and sides with an amazing tone and design. Its solid performance and beautiful looks appeal to beginners and professionals. According to many ukulele players and teachers, this tenor ukulele provides an excellent value for its price.

If you are a fan of ukuleles coming with beautiful designs and finishing with the top-notch build quality, the 20TM is the way to go. You will enjoy holding this ukulele in your hands because of its solid build and design.

It offers rich tone and superb performance and when once you tuned it, it will hold the tune very well. If you are a fan of acoustic-electric ukuleles, you can get the 20TM’s electric version as well.


  • Mahogany Top, back and sides.
  • Highly Affordable.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Solid performance.
  • Great value for the price.
  • Rich tone and nice sound.


  • Some players had issues with strings.

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What is Bottom Line?

The 20TM is one of the best tenor ukuleles you can get with this price tag and it is highly recommended if you are on a budget.

9. Cordoba 25SK Soprano Ukulele

Cordoba 20SM Soprano Ukulele

Cordoba 20SM Soprano Ukulele

The Cordoba 25SK Soprano ukulele features solid acacia back and tops which help to offer a powerful and unique tone. The ukulele is beautifully designed and is a reflection of traditional heritage. With this little sized instrument, you can enjoy a unique tone and sound with amazing playing experience.

What makes the 25SK stand out from the crowd is its consistent great tone and a rich sound. After tuning, it does not go out of tune immediately like a few other ukuleles. It is a favourite of many ukulele players because of its high-quality build and articulate sound. If you are looking for a nice ukulele to have fun and enjoyable playing experience, the ukulele is a way to go.


  • A great tone.
  • Beautiful Sound.
  • Solid build.


  • Nil

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What is Bottom Line?

As it is a soprano ukulele, players with bigger hands may find it small and difficult to play, but if you are looking for a small size ukulele with an articulate tone, the Cordoba 25SK can be your next ukulele.

Cordoba Ukulele: Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a Cordoba Ukulele?

If you want to buy a Cordoba Ukulele offline, you can find the one at a local music store in your city. For online shopping, you can find many ukulele online stores. You can find many decent ukuleles on Amazon as well.

Which strings does Cordoba use?

All latest ukuleles of Cordoba are coming with Aquila strings. Aquila strings are leading the ukulele string sector as they combine the traditional ukulele sounds with advanced technologies.

Does Cordoba make good ukuleles?

Yes, Cordoba is one of the best ukulele brands and is known for producing rich and high-quality tone ukuleles. Playing Cordoba ukuleles is no less than a treat.

Where are Cordoba’s ukuleles made?

Cordoba is a Spanish company, but their ukuleles are made in Portugal using high-quality woods.

Does Cordoba produce professional ukuleles?

Yes, Cordoba is famous for producing ukuleles for everyone. Cordoba is famous for producing high-end ukuleles and catering to beginners and intermediate players as well. Cordoba is giving good competition to many top-notch ukulele brands like Kala, Maholo and Fender.

Which wood is used in Cordoba Ukuleles?

Cordoba uses mahogany and koa mostly, but ukuleles made from other materials are also available in the market.


Cordoba is famous for making some of the best ukuleles in 2020. But which ukulele is the right fit for you depends on many factors. The most important factors are the music you play and the skill you have got. 

If you are a beginner and looking for a reasonable option, then buy the Protégé U1-M concert ukulele. If you are on a budget and searching for a reasonable budget, you can consider the 20CM ukulele. If you are interested in authentic Hawaiian ukulele, the Guitars 25C concert ukulele should be your pick. 

We are done with our Cordoba ukulele reviews and we hope this write-up helped you to make the right decision. Rest assured that if you are going with any of these Cordoba ukuleles, you will get a high-quality ukulele.

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Happy ukulele shopping!

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